DRIVING RANGE - Supperleggero to Millport


V10, 593Bhp, all wheel drive, 4921cc 3.8 seconds to 60mph, 196mph top speed.


With only a handful islands left to capture it was time to unzip the Gallardo and get it out of storage, unlike the CL55 this example resides firmly in Scotland so need to rack the miles up.


There were no oil patches on the ground after reversing it from storage and as Audi now own Lamborghini the five litre V10 engine found in this example is bullet proof. Speaking of reversing, where you'd expect to find a gear box in a standard car has been replaced by some buttons which control the E gear box in the Gallardo, none of which are marked 'R' or 'Reverse' which you can take as proof that would have been an Italian decision and not a German one. Suffice to say that when you do manage to engage reverse it's not achieved through the flappy paddle gear box either, and again as with the Scuderia, the engine is mounted around 10 inches behind your head reducing your vision although there is a small camera mounted in the rear bumper which is linked to the internal display to help.


The CalMac ferry to Cumbrae, 'Loch Shira', is a simple roll on roll off affair and there was no contact with the underside of the car whilst loading or disembarking at the other side. This is usually a very busy service at the weekends especially but this trip during the week found the Gallardo only accompanied by a jeep and van pulling some sheep.


Above, the great golf ball hunt, as the golf bag doesn't fit anywhere else apart from the passenger seat and I inadvertently left it unzipped… grrr. The road surface on the island is surprisingly good considering the amount of agriculture and tourism throughput, and the views out towards Arran and across the Clyde on a sunny day are magnificent. The course at Millport is an 18 hole stretch mostly flat but there are some gentle climbs to give you a good outing. The forth is a great hole, lots of sand traps to add to your score and the rest of the course offers enough variation to keep you focused with a fantastic balance of long and short holes.


You can drive round Cumbrae in around 15 minutes, so there's no excuse for missing the ferry!


+ Fast, if you like that sort of thing

+ Handling

+ The noise when firing it up

+ Rare! Click here to see how many left

- The GPS is next to useless at times

- Forgetting how to engage reverse

- No space for golf clubs

- Six point harness isn't great for female passengers / drivers